7 thoughts on “From the “in production” files.

  1. I have never read it. And yes, I realize this is a great gap in my cultural literacy. I keep meaning to.

    And Mezzanine is such a great, great album. Almost as great as Tricky’s Maxinquaye.

  2. I really need to re-read that one. It’s been ages, and it keeps popping up on my radar–this is the second reference to it I’ve come across in the last two weeks. Must be a sign…

    I’m not entirely sure about the casting of Anna-Sophia Robb, but she might surprise me.

  3. Immediately upon reading this I considered posting it in my own journal, and then just called my mother and told her. I actually really loved Katherine Paterson — Jacob Haver I Loved was interesting, and I’m pretty sure there was another one, although maybe I’m just misattributing Sharon Creech to her, since they’re both from the same family-books period in my mind.

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