In which Lady Z attempts to get her shit together.

Merry late Christmas, everyone. I had a loud and lovely time at home. Meats were cooked, gifts were gifted, wines were imbibed. Santa brought me The Complete Calvin and Hobbes. I’ve already read through Volume 1.

I leave tomorrow for Washington D.C. and a full roster of job interviews. My first one is tomorrow at 5:30, and I’m more than a little nervous, so if you could all spare an intellectual thought for me I’d appreciate the extra brain waves. I’m spending the evening making lists of books to talk about, recalling what the hell my dissertation was about, and trying so very hard not to succumb to the flu that has my sister (with whom I shared a bed last night) knocked out upstairs, and which I can feel making a home in the back of my throat.

Interview this, buddy!

I figure if I can stay healthy, remember what “English literature” is, and envision myself as an ass-kicking vixen from planet Smarter Than You for the next few days, I’m home free.

14 thoughts on “In which Lady Z attempts to get her shit together.

  1. I’m pretty sure you are an ass-kicking vixen from planet Smarter Than You. My brain waves are weak, but I’m sending them anyway. Also anti-flu vibes.

    And I’m jealous of the C&H treasury. 🙂

  2. Whatever is needed during the interview ourdeal, you got!

    Nonetheless, I have to confess to a certain Green Emotion regarding The Complete Calvin and Hobbes. Next you’ll tell us you’re the proud pocessor of a “Complete Bloom County.”

    Go into the interview and let them know that if they’re dumb enough to let YOU get by, they can’t find their ass with both hands.

      • I must confess that, when I saw that you had commented, that I feared you were going to mention the “ourdeal” spelling. I really have to proofread before hitting the Post Comment button.

        If, indeed, all those are among your possessions, you have amazing riches.

        Side question: you can post to LJ from your couch? This is a nice arrangement, a “consummation devoutly to be desired,” in the words of, as Jeeves put it the other day, “the Swan of Avan, sir.”

      • No, I make way too many typos of my own to comment on others. 🙂

        Yes, hubby and I have laptops. We’re both geeks and gadget freaks.

        I love Jeeves. ::sigh::

        Lady Z, sorry for hijacking your thread. . .

  3. DC? I live within 20 minutes. You can spend some time with me at St John’s library and you can view all the great classics. I can definately help you gain quite a bit.

    When it comes to British Lit and Classics, I’m one that you can definately rely on.

  4. First, you must have been a VERY good girl. Santa completely ignored my request for Calvin and Hobbes (no doubt after spotting the price tag…I just wasn’t that good). Second, allow me to demonstrate my renowned psychic powers by pronouncing that you will absolutely WOW them in this round of interviews. Seriously…relax, it’s in the bag. Thus sayeth the all-knowing I Ching.

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