Question of the day.

Does it still count as “work” if you do it while watching a Law & Order marathon on TV?

Follow-up question: Does it still count as “lunch” if it’s just chips and salsa?

10 thoughts on “Question of the day.

  1. Well, did you get the work done? And are you being paid hourly (I think not)? If not, then yes. Worship at the shrine that is Law & Order, as much as often as possible.

    Re: #2 — yes. Absolutely. Sometimes “popcorn” = “lunch” at my house.

  2. Of course it counts.

    I need little tiny bows for dogs that get groomed. I buy the ribbon and rubber bands and make the bows while watching movie marathons. (Load up the DVD player with Jane Austen, Harry Potter, or Pixar movies.) I get to do something easy that satisfies the “craft” bug in me (it’s genetic, I think), take a tax deduction on the supplies, then sell the bows and make a commission on them. (Don’t worry, Uncle Sam. You’ll get yours.)

    And I just had Lays Barbecue chips for supper. And there’s leftover cheesecake for dessert.

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