Rest in peace, Leo.

I was just scrolling through bits of yesterday’s news that I’d missed and came upon something that made me gasp aloud, bring my hand to my mouth as a gesture of true, old-fashioned shock and horror, and cry, “No!!!” sillygirl84, who is visiting for a few days and and currently sitting all the way on the other side of the room, said, “I know, isn’t it sad?” I said, “How did you know what I just read?” She said, “I could tell.”

What I’d seen was this: Jon Spencer, who played Leo McGarry on The West Wing, died yesterday of a heart attack.

Now, I gave up watching The West Wing years ago. It was my absolute favorite show for four seasons, but after Aaron Sorkin quit, I couldn’t watch it anymore. I tried a few non-Sorkin episodes and it was like witnessing the takeover of all my dearest friends by weird prime-time television aliens. It was deeply upsetting and I haven’t watched an episode since.

But I still remember the characters from Sorkin’s West Wing like we went to college together or something, and though life intervened and we had to go our separate ways, I think of them often, wonder what and how they’re doing, and look forward to an inevitable reunion in the future, perhaps when I get around to buying the show’s first four seasons on DVD. So you can imagine how horrific it was to discover via the NYTimes obituaries that one of these dear acquaintences has been taken from us in the prime of his career.

Jon Spencer was so excellent as Leo McGarry.

I also remember being in love with him as Tommy on L.A. Law when I was but a wee girl.

RIP, Mr. Spencer.

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