13 thoughts on “What’s a fun game.

    • I think it looks pretty good, though I left the salon quite over-styled and now (having showered it out) am a little under-styled. It will look nice and choppy somewhere in between.

      I took off between 6-8 inches. My stylist (Michelle) said when I first sat down, “Let me guess, you want to trim out the layers.” I said, “Actually, I want you to chop it all off, with more layers.” She said she’d been tiptoeing all day around girls too attached to their hair and I’d made her evening. πŸ™‚

  1. woah… so where’s your hair now?

    I once did something similar, walking in a new ‘stylish’ hair salon which had just opened and asked the short haired blonde to “do as you please” with my then long hair. She did the right thing, I suppose, in telling me it would be pity to “chop it all off”, so the changes she made were nice but subtle. Must have been a good month then, as I didn’t mind the price.

  2. I did almost exactly that last Thursday and now have a quasi-military haircut.

    Worked from home Friday and when I went into work Monday, people raved how good it looked.
    My boss walked in and asked, “Hey, George, do you know you got a haircut?”
    After about two hours, the owner of the company called me into her office. “First of all, the haircut looks good. Second, when’s the interview?”


  3. Isn’t it great fun?

    I haven’t done it for awhile, but I will again someday. (Of course, the older I get, the slower it grows out, so it’s a bigger deal to do it now and it will be many years before I can do it again.)

    When my hair was quite long and dramatic (natural strawberry blonde, which has since faded to a much more plain brown shade, alas), I did the all-off and really enjoyed listening to the gasps in the salon as the first cut took off over a foot. Total strangers I had never seen before were more attatched to my hair than I was and thought they knew how I should wear it. The sillies. I got a lot of “Oh my God, what have you done?” the next day from acquaintences who seemed to take it as a personal affront that I hadn’t cleared it with them, but my real friends noticed how happy I looked.

    • Ooh! I just connected this with your thread on BX, and I realized…

      I was on the academic job market when I did that dramtic cut. I does make one want a change, doesn’t it?

      • Re: Ooh! I just connected this with your thread on BX, and I realized…

        Absolutely! I just needed to feel a little…I don’t know…fierce. πŸ™‚

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