9 thoughts on “What the hell are “ear-squats”?

  1. MJM–yes, going to be lots of interesting headlines over this topic.

    Apparently “naked ear squats” are a search technique slightly less intrusive than having searching fingers probing for contraband in, er, various orifices. Having the searchee hold his/her ears guarantees that items in the armpits will be more-or-less visible. Doing repeated squats (I’ve seen mention of 10 times) makes it more likely that hidden contraband will, um, emerge.

    The scandal, I think, comes if the police had no reason to conduct the “search”–and if the searcher and searchee are not of the same sec.

  2. Dear Dr. Zugenia,
    Can we forget about that bit of business yesterday? Your ability to unearth real news is truly incredible. We all know how much more important this international incident is than some tawdry money-laundering in Texas. Could we entice to re-consider the offer to become co-host of The O’Reilly Factor?
    Much love,
    Fox News

  3. “He is confident the police will investigate and get to the bottom of the matter, with the force’s top brass paying particular attention to the matter.”

    So thats what they call watching porn these days?

  4. The BBC explains ear-squats

    “The clip, thought to have been filmed on a mobile phone, appears to show the prisoner and a female police officer. The officer, who wears a Muslim headscarf, stands in front of the woman, who is forced to strip naked, grasp her ears and squat repeatedly. The pictures are accompanied by the sound of verses from the Koran being recited, although it is unclear if this would have been audible to the woman.


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