God bless Turner Classic Movies.

I’m home in Riverdale for the weekend to see sillygirl84, recently back from New Zealand. Last night we watched an America’s Next Top Model marathon on E!, and this morning I awoke to find Funny Face on TMC. This may be my new favorite Audrey Hepburn movie. I have no idea why I’ve never seen this film before. A bit of dialogue between Hepburn (bookstore employee cum fashion model Jo Stockton) and Fred Estaire (fashion photographer Dick Avery, who discovered Jo):

[During a photo shoot in Paris]
Dick: Now, today you’re not happy. … Heartbroken, suffering. You’re Anna Karenina.
Jo: Shall I throw myself under the train?

But perhaps the best thing about this movie is the delightful casting of Kay Thompson—yes, the author of Eloise—as fashion magazine editor Maggie Prescott. Such a lady. Here is how Maggie and Dick end up in Jo’s neck of the woods:

[Dick has been trying unsuccessfully to get vapid fashion model Marion to look like she’s intellectually engaging a work of art]
Maggie: Marion might look better in a different background.
Dick: We can go on location. An intellectual hang-out.
Maggie: Somewhere with books.
Dick: A bookstore.
Maggie: —One of those sinister places in Greenwich Village! Come on, girls!

One day, I’ll live in a house with a sign over the door that reads “God Bless This Sinister Place.”

2 thoughts on “God bless Turner Classic Movies.

    • ‘Tis a winter wonderland around here!

      It seems that my sister loved it. She keeps moaning that she wants to go back. 🙂 Seems like the perfect place to fly away to in February.

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