Don’t ogle and drive.

Reuters reports that boobs on billboards are distracting drivers, according to a British study.

In research released Monday, one in five male drivers said their eyes were diverted from the road by posters of scantily clad women — such as the saucy cleavage shots of model Eva Herzigova in her notorious adverts for Wonderbra.

However only one in 10 women were put off by the sight of a semi-dressed male model.

Yeah. The thing is, this suggests to me simply that women are more attentive drivers than men are.

3 thoughts on “Don’t ogle and drive.

  1. Holy fucking shit! Advertising is distracting! I never would have guessed! Boy, I sure hope they spent a lot of money on that study–it was worth it!

    Off topic: I need your new address, as I have something in my hot little hands that I think will delight you. George is getting one too, and I want to send them out at the same time. So please, email me… Thank you!

    • Seriously — advertisers shell out all that money to put an enormous picture, often involving BOOBS, in people’s faces, and we need a “study” to tell us these images “take our eyes off the road”?


      Address coming.

  2. I’m distracted by any lights and colors on my drive (fortunately I don’t live in a metropolis), and I KNOW my husband is more attentive to the road than I am. So we defy this statistic.

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