All I want for Christmas.

Already having my two front teeth, I want this. According to the NYTimes, one lucky woman’s husband bought her the complete Penguin paperback library after she lost all her books in a fire. I intend to add the collection to my Amazon wishlist for the holidays.

I woke up at 4am from a dream in which I was out at a bar drinking with a bunch of people and I met Britney Spears, who was out for one or two drinks before going home to husband and baby. Everyone else left and then it was just the two of us and she offered me a ride home in her minivan. We talked about a recent well-publicized falling-out she’d had with J.Lo. I happened to be wearing Britney’s signature fragrance, which in my dream was called “Go,” and I told her, “I’m wearing ‘Go,’ or as I like to call it, ‘Eau de Fuck Jennifer Lopez.'” She dropped me off several blocks from my house because she was late getting home and I told her I understood, she had a family. We made plans to hang out again soon.

15 thoughts on “All I want for Christmas.

    • No, I hadn’t seen that one yet. Thanks for the link. I love how he writes about spaghetti, for some reason. Remember the opening of The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle? God I love that book.

    • Yes, I’ve been dreaming of the OED too. *sigh* I bought that New Yorker collection for Z for his birthday in October. I just discovered that I could have paid $40 less by buying at Amazon. Oh well.

  1. Personally I’m an Oxford World’s Classics man myself. Oxford has a much better selection of pre-20th century titles, and their editions tend to have better notes and introductions, while being (on average) about a dollar cheaper than their Penguin equivalents to boot.

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